What's New on ActivityGalaxy.com!


We at ActivityGalaxy are constantly updating our database and content of activity listings everyday, so that we can grow to include as many activities as possible for our users. Starting with New Jersey and the Tri-State Area, we are continuing to expand nationwide. 


ActivityGalaxy is the best and easiest way for students to find the perfect teacher for any skill, and is the best way for a teacher to find the perfect students. The best way to get started is to create a free Student or Teacher Account on our homepage. Teachers and businesses should also Get Listed as soon as possible to quickly become part of our database and gain exposure. If you are a student or a parent and you know a teacher who is not on our site yet, simply submit their info in Referrals (next to the Get Listed tab on the homepage) to easily recommend them to be added. As a user supported site, the more great teachers and businesses we can include, the more benefits there are for all of our users, students and teachers alike.

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