Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

Information we collect:

At ActivityGalaxy LLC (ActivityGalaxy), our goal is to obtain and organize the most accurate and properly obtained information possible regarding activities and their instructors. We use several methods in order to collect this information, including:

  1. “Get Listed” – The Get Listed tab on our homepage allows for activity providers (instructors, teachers, coaches, etc.) to quickly and easily input their own activities onto the website, where they are evaluated and inserted into the searchable database. This information includes Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Street Address, Activity, and Comments.

  2. “Referrals” – The Referrals tab on our homepage is a way for students, parents, or any users of a certain activity to refer their activity providers to the website. This information is the same as that of the “Get Listed” tab, and will be verified for both accuracy and permission from providers.

  3. "Create an Account" – By creating a student or teacher account, you can enter personal information into the site in order to gain certain extra features.

  4. Teacher Account – Activities and contact information can be entered by activity providers through a teacher account and will be treated the same as an activity entered through the “Get Listed” tab.

How we use this information:

The information submitted to ActivityGalaxy is sent into our site's digital queue, where it is then verified and evaluated for accuracy and then entered into the database. At this point, it becomes officially searchable. By entering information in the Get Listed tab, you agree to let ActivityGalaxy publish the information on the website and using any form of media. ActivityGalaxy will not publish or disclose any personal information provided for student or teacher account creation. However, any activity and its relevant contact information entered through a teacher account will be published with the same procedure as that of the “Get Listed” tab.

Privacy policy for children:

Because of the COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) in the United States, ActivityGalaxy will not to collect the personal information of any child under the age of thirteen (13) years. Children can use the Referrals tab, but the minimum age for any person being entered into the database by the Referrals or Get Listed tab, as well as the minimum age to create a teacher account, will be eighteen (18) years. The minimum age to create a student account will be thirteen (13) years to ensure that there is minimal risk of collecting personal information from children.

Information release policy:

ActivityGalaxy will not release any private or personal information from account creation aside from explicitly disclosed interests of the user. This is simply in order to tailor the user experience according to the user's preferences. ActivityGalaxy reserves the right to display any information submitted through the Get Listed tab in any form (our aim is to give activity providers positive exposure to the public - if at any time an activity provider decides to remove their activity from the site, they can do so by emailing ActivityGalaxy).

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