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Teaching Business

Grow Your Business

When you are a teacher or an instructor, exposure to the public and to potential new students is one of the most important parts of growing your business. Here at ActivityGalaxy, our goal is to help both teachers and students by making activities more accessible to many more students. By Getting Listed on ActivityGalaxy, you are directly opening your business up to many more clients who are passionate to learn what you teach. Not only can our site provide you with positive exposure, but it can also allow you to manage your public image and your personal activity profile through an easy to use Teacher Account. This variety of tools can greatly aid your teaching or coaching company, making ActivityGalaxy a great choice for any new or experienced teacher looking to advance his or her business.

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Free Profile

Getting Listed on ActivityGalaxy is as easy a few clicks and a little bit of typing - no strings attached. Simply fill out the form on our homepage or make a teacher account, and wait for your activity to be confirmed. In a short time, your activity will be fully searchable under the categories and location you entered. With a completely free profile, you can gain much needed exposure for your teaching company.

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National Reach

ActivityGalaxy is growing everyday, with more and more teachers, locations, and searchable activities in our database. As teachers like you join the site, our reach becomes more national, giving you better exposure around the country. Even as we grow, ActivityGalaxy's location and personal fit based search will still work to unite students with the perfect teachers for any activity.

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Everything on your public ActivityGalaxy profile is managed by you. It is editable at any time, and is made to simply let students know that you or your company is available to teach a skill that they want to learn, in a convenient location. Should you ever find that you would not like to be on our database any longer for any reason, you can simply delete your profile by emailing us at contactus@activitygalaxy.com.

Manage Your Business

ActivityGalaxy is a customizable and manageable way for you and all activity teachers, coaches, and instructors to make themselves more visible to prospective students. Whether you specialize in sports, arts, academics, technology, or any other type of activity, ActivityGalaxy organizes your profile where it can be most easily found by the right students. Our main goal is to help you find the students that are most interested and passionate about your activity. Getting all of these benefits and more is as easy as Geting Listed by simply filling out the form on our home page!

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